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Accessing web-interface

After the installation, to log into the web interface from any PC in your LAN you need to enter the IP address that you specified during the installation in your internet browser. Installation.

We recommend to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as a web browser.

Ввод адреса в браузере

After that the web-interface loading process will start and login/password window appear.

Окно входа в веб-интерфейс

During the first login to web interface you need to use login root and password 00000 (five zeros).

Main web-page

The interface is divided into 2 parts. Left part contains a list of system modules, right - a window of currently select module. During the first login none of the modules is highlighted, thus you see the main system page.

Главная страница

Warning! It is strongly recommended to change the administrator password immediately on first login. Otherwise third parties might get access to ICS management interface.


Web-interface main page is the widgets system, allowing you to get actual information about the system in real-time.

WidgetInformationPossible ActionsLinksReated services
UsersTotal quantity, Active Users, Blocked Users, Disabled usersAdd user, Import userUsers, Roles, Connection Monitor, ICQ journal-
StatisticsAmount of incoming and outgoing traffic for the current day, month, yearEnable Statistics / Disable StatisticsReportsStatistics, Counters
Security and access limitationNumber of attacks and detected virusesEnable security system / Disable security systemProxy, Access-rules, Rules Categories, Firewall rules, Proxy (settings)Http proxy-filter, Firewall , Attack detector, Antivirus, Antivirus Proxy-Server
ISPs and networksDefault ISP, Default Gateway ping, Average interface load, Number of VPN connectionsNetwork WizardISPs and networks, VPN (access-list), Statistics, Network tools-
Mail and JabberAmount of processed mails (send, received, marked as SPAM, marked with virusEnable Mail System, Disable mail system, Add MailboxMail: main page, Domains & mailboxes, Filters, Address book, Mail queue, StatisticsMail Server, Mail Storage, Mail Collector
Web and File ServersQuantity of virtual hosts, Free disk spaceEnable/Disable File Server, Add Virtual Host, Plug Hard DriveFile Storage, Web (resources), Network Neighborhood (identification), Web (log)Web server, FTP Server, Network neighborhood
TelephonyEnable/Disable telephonyAdd number, Add fax numberTelephony (numbers, rules, call-log)Telephony
Monitoring and maintenanceCPU load, RAM utilization, Time left for demo-version (if system is not activated)Enable/Disable system monitoring, Creation of backup, Add hard driveMonitoring, Updates, Time and Date, System LogSystem state monitoring, System notifications

2 More widgets are located in the lower corner are displaying current user browsing activity and last system log events. All widgets are renewed in real-time.

Query journal

There are several informational elements located in the lower right corner of the interface.

Журнал запросов

Current action indicator shows which operation is performed by the system currently and its readiness in percent (%).

Query Journal opens a summary of last system operations.

Unread system messages icon displays amount of unread system messages since last system login. Once clicked it will display last unread message in the pop-up window.

System version displays current ICS version, once clicked it will display About.

It is necessary to perform Initial system configuration wizzard on the first login..

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