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ICS Installation

Burning a CD

What to do with the downloaded .iso-image?

To install ICS you need to download image of installer CD from the official product website. Download page is located at this address: http://xserver.a-real.ru/download. Image size is around 400 MB. After downloading you need to burn this image onto a CD.

How can .iso-image be burned?

After downloading the image you need to burn it onto a CD. You can do that with virtually any program for burning compact disks, such as Nero Burning ROM, Alcohol 120%, CDBurnerXP, UltraISO, etc. Warning! Burning .iso-image onto a CD must be done in “burn image” mode. After the file is burned onto the CD, you need to boot from it on the computer where you want to install ICS. You will need a computer with two network cards, hard disk with a capacity of at least 40 GB and CD-ROM drive. To boot from the installer CD you need to «switch on» the option to boot from CD in BIOS.


What happens after booting from the installer CD?

After booting from the installer CD, you should see the following message:

ICS boot screen

Wait until booting is completed and you should see an option to choose installation language.  Installation language selection

After that the setup program will run. You will need to accept the license agreement, choose network interface for future ICS configuration and define hard drive for installation.

Note: use TAB for options switching when in installation mode.

Network configuration

Which interface should be chosen during installation and which address should be entered?

Most of server management will be done through web interface. In order to get access to web interface after the installation it is necessary to specify the network adapter that is connected to your Local Area Network and a free IP address from that network.

Choose apropriate network adapter

In our case our LAN has address with mask

Defininf IP address on network interface

Choosing the hard drive

Which hard drive to choose to install the server?

Does the hard drive need to be formatted for the installation?

You need to specify the hard drive where the setup program is supposed to install ICS. Minimal capacity of the hard drive depends on the tasks run by the server. For the majority of tasks 40GB of space is enough. Setup program will partition and format the hard drive. No prior partitioning is necessary.

Warning! All previously existing data on the chosen drive will be permanently lost!

Hard Drive selection

Finally, before installation you need to set date, time and time zone of the server.

Setting date and time

Warning! Due to different storage formats of system time in FreeBSD and MS Windows, when installing ICS on a PC with Windows the default time is usually wrong. Please pay attention to the time set in the system.

After setting the time parameters, the process of copying the files onto the hard drive will start. This process usually takes few minutes and upon completion the setup program will ask you to eject the installer CD from CD-ROM drive.

ICS installation

After that the PC will be rebooted and installation of ICS components will start.

Completing the installation

After the installation is complete you will see the following message:

Installation completed

Press OK and system services loading will begin. The ICS installation on this point is competed. Further configuration is possible when connected via web-interface.

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