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Speed limitation rules for certain web-resourses

If you provider doesn’t grant you enough bandwidth, or if you want to limit speed for user to access to minor network resources, you can create a rule “speed limit”. In this case, choose “Add”→ “Speed limitat” in the tab “Rules and restrictions” either in the user settings or group settings.

It is a common practice, when user have high-priority traffic (for example, mail), and the rest of traffic (like ftp, or http traffic) should be restricted.

In the rule settings you can also indicate the direction of traffic that would be limited, protocol, port and time (in which limitation will be applied). There are three ways of applying the rule:

For every profileThe rule is assigned generally to an object. It means that the sum of all user’s speed can’t exceed the one specified in the rule
For every userThe rule is assigned to a group. In this case every user in this group can have the speed, specified in the rule
For every ip-addressThe rule is assigned to a user or a group. Thus every host in the LAN with the ip-address that matches the range of this user or group, have the exact speed specified in the rule.

If you want to limit user speed even for the traffic that goes to ICS, not only through it, you can mark the special checkbox.

The “average speed” parameter is used only for connections that are going through the proxy-server. When you specify this speed, connections, that are smaller than this number (usually it means small web-pages), will remain their usual speed. And more heavy connections (often file downloading etc) will have the average speed.

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