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Users creation

Users and groups

User is the basic system control unit. It is the minimum object for applying the program settings and network traffic detalization. As far as user is created, he is granted access to external network (Internet) according to the authorization type as well as individual and global access policies.

In order to create a user, press «Add» in the user's module, enter the user name, description and define privileges for system administration. It is also possible to specify login and password so that this user is granted access for remote connection via VPN and use Internet with its credentials.

User creation wizard

It is also possible to use «User creation» wizard with step-by-step addition of user parameters such as username, login, password, one or several IP-addresses as well as mail box. Only name of the user is the necessary parameter.

Мастер создания пользователя Имя пользователя

In order to lunch wizard, press icon located in the lower right corner of the «Users» module.

Роль пользователя Логин пользователя

Wizard will request all the user parameters: name, role, login/password, IP address, applied user rules and mailbox.

Ip-адрес пользователя Набор правил для пользователя

In case, when defined mailbox could not be assigned to any of the system created mail domains - ICS will offer to create new mail domain.

Почтовый ящик пользователя Завершение работы мастера

After completion of all steps, wizard will display all setting of the user being created. After confirmation user will be created.

Adding user

You can also add user or group of users without using User Creation Wizard. Select «Add» in «Users» module and create new user or group of users. In this case the form will allow to specify username, description, role, login, password as well telephone number and designation as additional fields. Rest of the parameters could be added later-on when user or group already created.

The following user privileges are available for the users by default:

AdministratorUser have full access to all web-interface ICS functions
UserUser have access only to it's own personal statistics page
Group AdministratorUser have access to creation, deletion and editing of group user it belongs to as well as can assign rules, quotes and access to statistics page

You can create your own scenarios for web-interface access using "Roles" module.

Создание пользователя Создание пользователя

Users can be assigned to groups. Groups can be assigned with access rules and quotas which will be propagated to all users within the group. User can be «dragged and dropped» to other group using computer mouse.

User or group could be enabled/disabled at any moment by selecting «enable/disable». If disabled user loose the Internet access.

Once users are created you may configure their Authorisation.

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