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Allow rule

How to create an exception from deny rule?

Sometimes there is a requirement to create an exception for Deny rule. You can use an «Allow rule» for this purpose. Regardless the sort-order in the web-interface, allow rules are applied before deny rules.

Разрешающее правило

How to allow access to particular resource even if the user is disabled?

If you need to allow access of a particular user to site or host even is quota is exceeded or user is disabled - use «Allow rule» with «allow even if user is disabled» option.

What is the rules order?

Deny and Allow rules are applied in the following order (from top to bottom):

  1. Profile assigned to root group
  2. Allow rules for root group
  3. Deny rules for root group
  4. Profiles assigned to parent group
  5. Allow rules of parent group
  6. Deny rules of parent group
  7. Profiles assigned to a user
  8. User Allow Rules
  9. User Deny rules

How to allow access to port-range?

You can specify a range of ports using «-» as well as list of ports using comma - «,» or space-bar -« ».

Example: 21,22,1100-1200.

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