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User management

General view

In module “users” there is a general list of all users and groups in ICS.


Upper panel of the module allows you to add or delete users or groups. To change users or group’s details highlight them in the list and click “edit”. The same panel has menu “operations” that allows to disconnect or connect a user defining a time period of disconnection. You can also import users or export them to a file.

Group operations with users

To delete or disconnect several users or groups simultaneously you need to highlight them while holding down CTRL (highlighting one by one) or SHIFT (highlighting as a list). Then in the upper panel select the necessary action: delete or disconnect (you can define a time period for disconnection).

Групповое отключение пользователей

A window will appear confirming the requested action. Click “yes” to confirm and “no” if you want to add corrections.

Удаление пользователя

Customizing user list

By default the list contains the following columns: name, daily traffic, weekly traffic, monthly traffic. You can customize the appearance of the list by clicking the arrow on the right side of either column. A drop down menu with possible column options will appear.

Настройка списка пользователей

Statistics format

By clicking the statistics column, the drop down menu will have a “format” option. It allows defining format and accuracy of displayed data.

Формат выводимых данных

1.1МData is displayed in simplified form with accuracy to 0.01
123 456 789Data is displayed in bytes with accuracy to one byte, numbers are divided into categories
123456789Data is displayed in bytes with accuracy to one byte as a single line

When the user list is too large to quickly locate the required object, you can use the search button in the upper right corner of the module. You can also use the sort by option in the drop down menu.

Настройка поиска

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