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Limiting number of connections.

If your users are generating excess traffic (for instance - a quantity of torrent sessions), you can create a «Limit number of connections» rule. To achieve this select «Add → Limit number of connections» in the user or group setting.

Limiting number of connections

Also, you can specify a direction of the rule, protocol, port source and working time limits.

Rule application could be interpreted by 3 types:

for each profileThe rule is applied to whole object meaning that summary of all download traffic of all users within the group could not exceed defined one in the rule
for each userApplied to group. Using this limiting type each user of the group is bound by traffic limitation equal to defined one in the rule
for each IP addressApplied to group or user. Using this type each host in the Local Area Network with IP address (set to user in a group) is bound speed limit equal to denied in the rule.

In order to completely bound user speed including to ICS itself, you can select appropriate option check-box.

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