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Traffic categories

Categories are for union of multiple URLs as well as Категории служат для объединения множества URL, а также keywords and regular expressions in one rule. You can use them for creation of deny or proxy allow rule.


There are several categories of deny traffic rules are created within ICS by default. Those are banners, pornography, Trojan sites, social networks and so on. You may apply those categories, but not edit them.

Static categories

In order to create your own set of addresses, keywords or regular expressions, click «Add» → «Traffic Category».

Adding a category

Name the new category and add a description if needed. «Traet as images» flag means that ICS will dysplay blocked elements as empty images.

Adding addresses

Navigate to «Addresses» and add needed list of internet-addresses or ip addresses.

Adding extensions

You may specify a list of extended file extensions for allow or deny rules. This list you can upload in the *.txt format.

Adding a keyword

«Keyword» allows to make a list of words, which will be blocked during searches.

The list could be exported into a .txt file. If the list is too big to manually enter it you may import it from .txt file. Choose «Load» and select the needed import file.

Automatic categories

In order to dynamically change user access policies by modifying the file containing the list of allowed or denied elements - you may specify automatic traffic categories.

Automatic traffic category

In the settings of such category - specify the URL which contains a files with lists of elements separately from each tab and specify the category refresh time as well.

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